Ruben Minuto and Matteo Ringressi, seasoned musicians in the blue grass and roots music scene worldwide, team up with a crew of the finest old-school musicians in Italy to bring back a sound that's often overlooked and forgotten nowadays: the raw, powerful and genuine sound of the early years of blue grass music. 

The band draws its repertoire and sound from some of the more obscure artists and recordings of the early-to-mid 50s, with a predilection for what is known as "Baltimore blue grass"... Just think a 1954 Starday Custom blue grass single and you'll get a pretty faithful idea of what the Truffle Valley Boys sound like!



Ruben Minuto – Guitar, vocals
Hailing from Milano, Ruben started playing professionally in 1985. Since then he’s toured all over Europe and the USA (he is the only italian musician who played both the IBMA World Of Bluegrass and the Chicago Blues Festival!) with some the major european blue grass and country lineups, and he’s also a requested session musician in and out of the studio.
He provides solid and propulsive rhythm guitar playing and powerful and delivering vocals to the band.



Matt Ringressi – Mandolin, fiddle, vocals
Matt was born in Forli, and he first heard the sound of a banjo on “the Muppet Show” at age 3. He’s been hooked ever since.
A real student and connoisseur of American music, culture and fashion of the 40s and 50s, he has performed on the most prestigious stages of the blue grass, country and rockabilly scene worldwide, and subbed for former Blue Grass Boy Butch Robins at the 2013 IBMA World of Bluegrass in Raleigh, North Carolina.
He plays authentic, period-perfect blue grass mandolin and fiddle and sings lead and tenor.



Germano Ciavone – Banjo, vocals
Germano comes from Carpinone, a small village settled in the mountains near Isernia. With a real passion and knowledge of early blue grass music, he raises his 1954 Gibson banjo to the microphone and plays with unstoppable power and push, and sings tenor and high baritone parts.
He’s also a real expert on old trains and steam locomotives.



Denny Rocchio – Dobro, vocals
Also from the Isernia region (Roccaravindola is the name of his hometown), Denny adds a distinctive and very authentic sound to the Truffle Valley Boys: his style on the “hound dog guitar” is very reminiscent of his main influences Josh Graves, Russ Hooper and Pete “Oswald” Kirby.
He also sings baritone and adds a powerful bass on the quartets.



Emanuele Valente – Double bass
Originally from Monteroduni (Eddie Lang's native village), but now living in Genova, Emanuele is the driving force that holds the band's sound together.

A student of 1950s music, from jazz to blue grass, his doghouse bass playing is heavily inspired by Bob Moore, and is also full of inventive walking runs in the Howard Watts vein.