Following are some of the reviews and articles written about the band.
You can also visit our QUOTES section to read what other artists, deejays, fans (and even some music legends!) have to say about us!

December 2016: We are once gain very grateful to our good friend Jim Beaver, blue grass connoisseur, record collector and deejay on radio WHUS in Storrs, CT, for including our latest release in his list Jim's Best of Slightly Obscure Traditional Bluegrass Albums of 2016!

Jim Beaver's List
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"The music is just as fresh as it was in those early days, and it has all the tell-tale human elements that demonstrate this is the real thing."
"This group has done some incredible research and woodshedding to pull this off, and they succeed."

December 2016: Rainer Zellner of Music Contact (our agency in Germany) wrote a fantastic report on the Bluegrass Jamboree tour for Bluegrass Today, the foremost online publication on the world of blue grass music.
It's the second time the band appears on Bluegrass Today, and we'd like to extend our thanks to editor John Lawless and all the staff for the space they allowed us once again!

"The Truffle Valley Boys! Yes. they are from Italy, where the Truffle grows, but they have that mid 50s sound and show style down perfect. Crowds went totally wild when they entered the stage and worked with that one mic set up. I am sure they would be a sensation in the US as well."

November 2016: Brian Dowdall reviewed our new record "I Like The Old Time Way" for the British Bluegrass Music Association newsletter!

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Many thanks to Mr. Dowdall, bluegrass musician, promoter and aficionado, and as nice a gentleman as you ever would hope to meet, for such kind words.

March 2016: Bluegrass Unlimited, the most authoritative publication on blue grass music worldwide has published a 2-page article on the band on their March 2016 issue!!

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Author Walt Saunders is one of the lengendary scholars of blue grass music, and he has also performed with a number of first generation acts such as the Bailey Brothers. Our most heartfelt gratitute to him, Ivor Trueman and the whole Bluegrass Unlimited staff.

November 2015: The 'Sunday Is For Sound' blog has dedicated us two wonderful articles. Although they are no longer online, we annotated some of our favorite quotes from the articles:

"Ringressi is one of the most knowledgeable bluegrass folks around - a walking encyclopedia of bluegrass history. Thanks to Matt's tireless work, his band, Ruben & Matt and The Truffle Valley Boys, have a traditional sound that's always new and exciting. Their passion for the music helps, too."
"The Truffle Valley Boys, who hail from Italy, play this music for the love of it. That, I think, is something special, and worthy of attention from any serious bluegrass fan."

October 2015: Maurizio "Dr. Feelgood" Faulisi, Virgin Radio deejay/music expert/collector and a good friend of the band published these humbling words on this month's issue of Chop & Roll magazine! Here it is, followed by an english translation:

Chop & Roll
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"Try searching. Believe me, you will not find anything as faithful to the sounds of traditional blue grass of the 40s and 50s.
In their stylistic research they have reached well beyond the point of what could be defined 'fanatism'. And I say this with no fear of being considered harsh and overly critic.
All the opposite, as the five musicians will feel more than glad to have these words bestowed upon them. Their study of blue grass music of that era is extremely in-depth and rigorous.
Once you listened, you will store this record close to your Lonesome Pine Fiddlers, Stanley Brothers, Bray Brothers, Lilly Brothers, Bill Monroe or Flatt & Scruggs ones. Go see them live and get this record!"

June 2015: Ivor Trueman's review of "One Thing To Tell" published by the internationally acclaimed Bluegrass Today! An italian translation of the review is available here.

"Italy's Ruben & Matt and The Truffle Valley Boys, play 1950's style bluegrass, and they pretty much replicate the original bluegrass 'sound' and 'look' perfectly."
"Vocally the band do a remarkable job of harmonizing, and without any hint of an Italian accent, giving nuanced performances on several cuts [...] elsewhere they remind me of The Church Brothers"
"The album was recorded in two days with a 2 mic set-up, and would not sound out of place on one of the Rounder Early Days Of Bluegrass LP series, or the JSP Bluegrass- Early Cuts / Authentic Rare Bluegrass CD box sets."
"[...] bands like The Truffle Valley Boys will give you the closest experience you'll get to witnessing the first bluegrass generation, and if we forget the roots, well...that ain't no part of nuthin'."

June 2015: The fine folks of the SBMA (Swiss Bluegrass Music Association) published an overwhelming review of our show at Willisau this past May. We have long been supporters of the association and we thank them very much for their kind words!

Chop & Roll
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